Is 2020 Your Year for Perfect Vision?

Can you recite your organization’s vision verbatim? Can your employees? Can your customers?

Authentic visions inspire and motivate people. They establish a clear “why” we exist and what we aspire to become. But we have to say that we have seen some vision statements that are so long and rambling as to be unmemorable. We’ve also seen some that are so generic that there’s no way to discern which industry the organization is in.

When we did research for our book, Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way, senior leaders described the importance of vision over and over to us. They described how important it was to connect every single employee to that vision statement and their contribution to it. This engages and motivates employees as they align their purpose with the organization’s purpose. Many leaders referenced how they use the vision statement in their recruiting, hiring, and retention processes to ensure a cultural “fit” of new employees.

Would it ever make sense to revisit your vision statement? Maybe even revise it? Here are some things to think about:

Does your vision identify the business you’re in and the markets you serve?

Does it speak to your customers and your employees?

Does it differentiate you from your competitors?

Does it have an aspirational quality that makes it clear that being good isn’t good enough?

Does it reinforce the organizational culture you want?

For some other ideas on vision statements as well as some interesting examples, check out this article from Vision Statement Examples

Lots of people create a list of resolutions for the New Year. Could 2020 be your year for perfect vision?

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