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Healthcare - Improving the Health of your Organization through Performance Excellence

Why are so many healthcare organizations using the Baldrige Performance Excellence System?  Because it works!  Organizations that have achieved Performance Excellence are mitigating many of the top issues that keep healthcare executives awake at night.   Exceptional healthcare leaders are achieving exceptional results.

The Baldrige healthcare recipients have found ways to effectively deal with the challenges of

  1. improving patient care and safety,
  2. increasing patient, staff, and physician satisfaction, and
  3. simultaneously reducing costs. 

And they are achieving these goals in a way that is sustainable.


While every organization is different and needs to adapt the framework to meet its unique needs and goals, a set of common best practices has been identified by analyzing the first nine Baldrige healthcare recipients. Our book focuses on what works and describes these best practices that make up a Baldrige-based Performance Excellence System, which we call the System for Performance Excellence (or SPE).  It is comprised of role model strategies, best practices, processes, assessments, and templates.  SPE is effective whether your organization is starting out, struggling, or mature in your performance excellence journey.

Two pathways to performance excellence are described in our book.  The first is the traditional approach – attend a workshop, conduct an assessment, make improvements, prepare an application, prioritize opportunities for improvement identified in the feedback report – this process is repeated through cycles of improvement.  The second pathway, Design for Excellence, accelerates the organization’s improvement by building a foundation for excellence by defining, assessing, designing, building, and refining (DADBR). This pathway was developed by (1) analyzing numerous early feedback reports that revealed very similar comments, (2) understanding that most organizations have not been designed for excellence, and (3) learning from two leaders who led two different organizations to become Baldrige recipients while cutting the cycle time of the traditional approach in half.

Implementing the System for Performance Excellence is critical to your organization’s sustained success. If your organization is not improving as quickly as the best healthcare organizations in the world, then your organization is falling behind.


Change Healthcare Organizations from Good to Great (PDF)

Thousands of patients die from preventable medical errors each year, and many more are injured or infected. Leadership, culture and systems are key drivers for transferring best science into practice. Baldrige award recipients are among many proving the application of healthcare best practices saves lives and dollars.


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