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Using the Baldrige Balanced Scorecard Measurement System

Balanced ScorecardBalanced Scorecards are part of the measurement system element of a management system that is used to focus, align, and balance the organization on goals and actions to accomplish long-term strategic objectives.  

While Balanced Scorecards are an effective measurement strategy, many organizations struggle deciding what to measure and how to measure it.

When Balanced Scorecards are deployed through the organization, they can provide line-of-sight for individual employees to align with organizational goals the departmental or process goals they are working on improving.  

Balanced Scorecard measures are developed during the strategic planning process.  The organizational level Scorecard contains primarily outcome or lagging measures.

Departmental or process level Scorecards contain both in process (leading) and outcome (lagging) measures that are aligned with the Organizational level objectives and goals.  These are linked to supervisors’ performance agreements.

For individuals, we use a planning tool that connects what employees are working on improving with departmental or process goals, which are aligned with organizational goals.  The tool is a folding card that can be carried in the employee’s pocket.  

This alignment helps assure the organization is working on the vital areas of improvement for the organization.  Individual employees are motivated because it helps them see where they fit into the big picture and they enjoy knowing that what they are working on is important.

However, Balanced Scorecards only work when they are part of a larger Measurement System that is part of your Performance Improvement System.


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